Monday, July 25, 2011

Vocation Now

      What earnest young Christian hasn't wished they could know their vocation now?  It might be easy enough to be open to God's calling, but it's hard to be open to an indefinite span of years before the call comes.

      I for one am quite prepared to prepare for whatever my calling, I only wish I knew so could start preparing.

       (I say this smugly now; just wait until God calls me a direction I never considered and I am completely thrown for a loop and have to face the claim that I am prepared to accept my calling).

      But I'm forgetting a few things. 

      God does have a plan for me, even if it's not revealed for another five, ten, or twenty years. (Deep breath.  I can wait that long, can't I?)

      AND He's fair, more that fair, so He'll be sure and present me, even now, with opportunities to prepare for that calling.  Even if I don't clue in that such and such a circumstance is a chance for preparation.

      SO my best bet is to assume every circumstance is an opportunity to prepare, and accept everything that comes my way, and perform my every task with devotion.

      Hmm.  This is sounding a lot like a game plan for holiness.  But that's what vocation is all about, right?  The way of life set up to give each person their fullest opportunity for holiness.

      Umm.  If my though processes as expressed above make sense, and preparing for my vocation coincides with working towards holiness, if I want to discern my vocation sooner than later...I have my work carved out for me.

            God bless,


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Clare said...

Thank you, Mary.